Friday, August 3, 2012

the twenty-first century

Edison footage of Mark Twain and his family via the Smithsonian. I love how jaunty people are when they walk in Edison's movies. We just bopped everywhere in the twentieth century.

The Fratellis, Costello Music
The Libertines, The Libertines
The Kooks, Inside In/Inside Out
French Kicks, The Trial of the Century
Les Savy Fav, Cat and the Cobra
No Age, Weirdo Flippers

It's not until I spend time around students that I remember that people have spent a majority chunk of their lives in the twenty-first century. I'm not sure it means anything; the century divide was largely a bust when Y2K failed to shut down The Mainframe of the World. When Rodney King died, I remarked to a couple of the students in the student newspaper office that there was surprisingly little chatter about it on Facebook where every death becomes a parade and he said, "Well, we [our generation] aren't really aren't sure who he was. I know he started the L.A riots and all but..." I wondered if he was going to add, "Or was that O, J.?" so I set him straight, or at least sent him to Wikipedia.

I think I saw French Kicks or maybe just remember a 2004 when bands were "ripping off French Kicks." Now I wonder if any of the French Kicks have to stop to remember they used to be a French Kick. That was years ago, they might think.

I woke up with this song from way back in 1997 wedged in my head, or at least the one little bit where he tells Gladys Knight he loves her. It is older than the aforementioned students can actually remember. Have a good weekend old and young people of America and beyond.

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