Thursday, August 30, 2012

kids care about the world

isaac 01

I've pretty much spent the week either readying for or enduring Isaac up at the office, the basement of this building becoming the whole world for a bit.

Jamie Lidell, Compass and Jim
Matthew Dear, Beams (via Spin)

isaac 02

We just got to come out in the daylight now that Isaac's slow warpath has passed. The craziest thing this storm did was knock all the osage oranges out of the tree near the office. Maya said she remembers when she was a kid we'd come up here and gather some and plunk them in the fountain in the quad. The Avett Brothers are singing right now about "when I was a kid". Y'all are all still kids.

The Orb, C Batter C

isaac 07

We stayed the night last night to bask in the University's infrastructural fortitude and to shepherd the LSU Student Media staff, for which I am proudly an adviser, through their storm coverage. They were packed up in here in a massive sleepover. I stepped out at 12:30 in a daze to see them darting silently from door to door. Hide and seek is a thing they do when it gets squirrelly. I really admire these kids. They are nice as hell - the radio station manager brought is some French press coffee yesterday afternoon - but they are also staying the course. There was plenty of clowning around going on but I stumbled into a debate raging over the RNC in the break room and was, oh yeah, these kids care about the world. They are gearing up to go cover the Governor's speech as I type this.

Dan Deacon, America
El Ten Eleven, It's Still Like a Secret
Gentle Giant, Acquiring the Taste
Return to Forever, Romantic Warrior

isaac 03

I was never so happy to see cafeteria breakfast hours posted in an email.

The Avett Brothers, The Carpenter (via NPR)

isaac 04

So yeah, we are in the hurricane honeymoon where we are all in it together, three days of power outages out from it being all Thunderdome with old ladies spouting theories about who gets bottled water from a truck and who doesn't, calling the radio station demanding answers from the government and the power company. At least Saturday's game is still on. We retain some values.

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