Thursday, February 2, 2012


This excellent double portrait of Mr. Foster sits above the reception desk of the Guaranty Life Insurance Building, which also houses a number of Baton Rouge's radio stations. I was there recording a segment of the Bite and Booze show on 107.3, airing this Saturday. Tune in! We talk about sandwiches!

Destroy All Monsters, Bored
Godz, 2

R.I.P. Don Cornelius

R.I.P. Mike Kelley
R.I.P. Dorothea Tanning

(image right: Dorothea Tanning, To The Rescue, 1965, Oil on canvas. From the Hood Museum.)


Elton John, Madmen Across the Water
Travis Matte & the Zydeco Kingpins, Booty Zydeco

Long John Baldry, Everything Stops for Tea
John Paul Keith, The Man Who Time Forgot
Dr. Feelgood, BBC in Concert (14th January 1975)

Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Wolfroy Goes to Town
I Can Lick Any Sonfoabitch in the House, Live in Seattle

Louisiana Saturday Night is happening! It's available for pre-order from LSU PressAmazon, and Barnes & Noble,  I've been assured Kindle/eBook formats will be available when the book hits stores in March. Events are being scheduled, talks organized, the keystone is being loosened for the publicity avalanche.

I set up a page on this blog to collect everything as well as one at The full social media octopus for the book has yet to be summoned from its dark underwater lair.


Edited to add: I once knew a kid everyone at school called "Sandwiches" because he brought extra sandwiches in his lunch. I can never look at the word "sandwiches" without thinking of that kid.

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