Tuesday, February 14, 2012

one pointing forward and one back

photo (1)
Onion cells shot by a digital camera through a microscope this morning by Maya Cook

Fresh Millions, Fresh Millions
Stereolab, Dots and Loops
Gavriel Lipkind, Ligeti: Sonata for Cello Solo
Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quartet, Ligeti/Kurtág/Orbán/Szervánszky

Nick Lowe on Marc Maron's WTF
Nick Lowe, The Old Magic
Lambchop, Mr. M (Streaming at NPR)

Tuesday (Valentine's Day):
Tindersticks, The Something Rain (streaming at Blurt Online)
Lambchop, Mr. M (Streaming at NPR)
Geraint Watkins, In a Bad Mood
Jamie Lidell, Jim
The Bird and the Bee, Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future

Maya wanted me to be sure to send the microscope photo to her teacher before school. She asked me twice on our walk to school to make sure I did it, and then told me she dreamed about this really large bird that had incredible balance, like you can't knock it over, despite it only having two toes on each foot, one pointing forward and one back. The foot could spin almost all the way around like an owl's neck. "They call the bird 'Iron Feathers' because you can't pluck them no matter how hard you try," she hollered back at me as she walked in the gym and onto class.


I drew this on the napkin packed in her lunch. I usually draw something. Some weeks I run completely out of ideas. One week I started out with a giant cyclops throwing a schoolbus, but the week just devolved into cyclopses throwing less interesting things until Friday, with the cyclops claiming his arms are tired.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody.

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