Thursday, July 7, 2011

you and your fellow teen wizards

  • I got totally choked up by that damned Grand Rapid, MI "American Pie" video. Thank God they didn't go all Lee Greenwood on me or I'd never recover.
  • I've been on it for an hour and already don't really care for Google+. Too clicky, too business-jargony and too much work for something I would use to avoid work to begin with. Google+ seems like something that would have come out of a webinar, or worse: something you fill out before joining an in-progress webinar. That's why I like the Cagean simplicity of Twitter: there is nothing there and I am following it and that is poetry as I need it. In Google+ feel like I am perpetually just updating my customer profile, which is what you are doing anyway on all the other sites, I suppose, but at least it seems fun when I do it there.
  • Also, I have yet to see anyone be funny on Google+ and humorlessness is the most sinister horseman of the new media platform Apocalypse.
  • The sad ecstasy of the meta-social media-o-sphere reminds me of how computer programming used to be so fun when it was just you and your fellow teen wizards that did it, all hopped up on pizza and 12-sided dice in suburban bedrooms, making your own Zork or whatever (I wrote my own 3-channel synthesizer on the Commodore 64. It used the paddle controllers from the Atari and basically sounded like a Theremin. Burrrrrrrroooooooooooeeeeeeeeeiippppppp! See? Awesomeness!) and when the business people got involved and suddenly there was money to be made, it got ruined. I will keep this in mind while teaching the Video Game Design camp again next week. 
  • The first rule of social media is: don't talk about social media. Second rule: don't reference Fight Club. Third rule: be funny. Fourth rule: firemen can always make you cry.

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