Friday, July 29, 2011

the lava-hot core of the planet

The sky mimics the pool mimicking the lightning bolt between AC and DC.

AC/DC, "Hell's Bells"
Lydia Davis, Break it Down (as contained in The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis)
Joshua Bell, Voice of the Violin
  • God, Louie is good TV. How do you tell the real story that is not enough of a "story" because it is more like a dream? That's how. Plus, it weirds me out that hot Pamela on that show is Bobby Hill. That range covers the entire Platonic spectrum, from the clouds to the dirt.

  • Reading Lydia Davis because the few people not going on and on about Louie CK are going on and on about her. I see why. I don't know if the stories in Break it Down are of consistent quality; at points it reads like a highly attenuated blog, but, like a great blog, there are these glistening moments of clarity, maybe even a clarity the author did not intend to reveal or know was revealed, but the author is caught up in the revealing and we get caught up in the being revealed to.

  • When I hear "Hell's Bells" at the pool, I picture the water teeming with sharks. When I hear "Creep" at the pool, I try to not make eye contact with the lifeguards. When I hear "Money For Nothing" at the pool, I wait 7 1/2 minutes for the song to start and then when it does it's just that one chorus pretty much over and over, lasting longer than did the MTV Sting wanted to so damn bad. When I hear "Radar Love" at the pool, I delight a little in how much a friend of mine hates that song so much. When I hear "Rolling in the Deep" at the pool, I think, didn't I just hear "Rolling in the Deep" a minute ago.

  • Also, reading those short stories Davis does, letting them blur by like a parade of self-doubt and marriage insecurities - it makes you want to write something. Or it makes me want to write something. I'm pointing to it, declaring to no one, See? That's what I want to do! I suspect that is the lava-hot core of the planet of love the hip kids have for her.

  • Sharks! They are everywhere! Swim smart, y'all!

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