Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"the weak back of The Existent" to "summer forever!"

FourTet - Everything Ecstatic
Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid - Tongues
I loved that Four Tet album when it came out and I still think "Sun Drums and Soil" is a pinnacle of whatever kind of techno it is that he does. Its the kind of song that makes you expect time to stop and slide back and forth with its lurches - cars crash and uncrash, traffic should expand and contract just by it being present on your headphones. And then when the pressure gets to great at the end, all this trans-dimensional convulsion gets to be too much for the weak back of The Existent to bear, and it collapses in a heap to those Joujouka locust horns at the end.

And his (Kieran Hebden, = Four Tet) records with jazz drummer Steve Reid are pretty badass too, if not quite as Kundalini pileup on the expressway to yr skull as is Four Tet.

Caetano Veloso -
I've heard/read more about Veloso than I've actually heard, and this is much sparser and sharper than much of what I've heard. The music has a bit of Wire and Gang of Four up in it I believe, occasionally sweeping up around his dreamy voice with sharp sticks and stray naked wires. Like if Chet Baker had hooked up with some new wave radicals he met at a botched drug deal in Sao Paolo. OK, maybe not that severely dichotomous, but there is something like that going on here, and I like it.

Ok, I do not like this record; I love this record. It is clearly not what I expected but it is scratching my sonic itch like it was designed solely for that purpose. Thank you , M. Veloso for seeing through time and deciding somewhere there would be a lumpy guy in a darkened room staring at a computer that needs your specific velvet jaggedness.

Les Rita Mitsuko - "C'est Comme Ça"
Rhapsody is temporarily Crapsody for having no Les Rita Mitsuko on tap for my immediate needs, but fortunately YouTube is there to pick up the slack

and no Swamp Zombies either? And to think I brag on this service to my friends. I hope you are happy that you are making me thank goddamn MySpace?

The Swamp Zombies MySpace page. Thank you, MySpace.

The hottest things out of Santa Ana short of a brush fire, The Swamp Zombies were what happens if you form a triangle out of Oingo Boingo, The Cramps and Steamboat Wille and then sacrifice a rubber chicken in that vortex, summoning up day-glo voodoo acolytes with stolen Mexican guitars. I love these guys. I can see a direct line between these guys and Animal Collective, but if I could only pinpoint the place between 1988 and now where the message got garbled, I predict we would not be in the mess we are in now. We would have been too busy having swinging zombie beach parties to have voted Republican, missile silos would have been converted to absurdly oversize bongs and we wouldn't need Spencer Gifts and World Market because life would already look like that, and every corner would have a jerk chicken stand that also served ice cream and it would be summer forever!

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  1. If you haven't heard Veloso's album Transa yet, I super-highly recommend it. I fuckin' love it, much more than anything else I've heard by him (though I've yet to hear this one you mention).