Friday, July 25, 2008

Just when I thought I didn't really like Devendra Banhart anymore

I kinda love this


  1. Even though when you say you "kinda" love this, I gather it is an understated way of saying you inadvertently LOVE IT, I'm going to be literal. I'm going to say, I agree with you. I also 'kinda' love it, but literally, only 'kinda.' I thought I immediately LOVED it. But when I saw Natalie Portman, who I generally really like, my like of the video diminished to 'kinda.' The thing is, her imitation of a Bollywood star in a film depicting some perhaps made up mythical Hindu event... is, well, literally, kinda lackluster. I know I'm generally quiet in a crowd, generally more of an observer than a participant. But, trust me when I tell you, I could SO imitate a Bollywood star. It's Natalie's eyes. They're flat, if not deadish. A Bollywood actress says SO much, flirts SO much, simply with the batting of her eyes. I kinda like it too. But I'd Love it if Natalie Portman were, I don't know, some former Indian Miss Universe.

  2. I actually meant "kinda" in that I think Devendra and his lampooning of Bollywood styles (that I'll readily admit I don't know much about) is playfully offensive, but that's part of the insouciant charm of it. He's the pampered indie Jim Morrison, setting a faux Brazilian song to a faux Indian video and having the whitest of all actresses play a part that she's unable to convey. There is a cold rich-kid air running through it. And yet the whole thing is catchy/kitchy as hell and I was completely swept up.

    So yeah, kinda. and I'm sure you could leave old Padmé in the dust

  3. most definitely, I'd leave her in the dust. but it's a funny video. I kinda like it, still. and lord knows this girl loves a good collection of videos to stick in my dvd player on a rainy sunday.