Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now

Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
Remember way back when Oasis roamed the earth like giants? In the Blur vs Oasis fight, I sided vehemently with Oasis, because they filled a gap that was sorely missing, is still missing - they were a unilaterally popular rock band that didn't suck. Much as you may want to fight it, if a lone acoustic guitarist were to incite a crowd in a singalong to "Wonderwall" you would be rendered helpless by the time he or she sneered Today is gonna be the day we throw it back to you.... and you will be lighter aloft, swayin'.

The thing that separates Oasis from the average rock monster (say, Aerosmith) is that there is some art in what they do, and in that I mean they transcend the Beatles (or more correctly, solo John Lennon) shtick and expose themselves through their songs. That self might be a coked out a-hole, but its a coked-out a-hole in love, capable of being loved.

Also for me they were an anathema in that I shied away from Big Rock 'n' Roll in my formative years, because that was the place you (me) got called faggot all the time, and Oasis was Aerosmith for Smiths fans, the bridge to the mainland.

"She's Electric" is a wonder of a hopelessly derivative single. I want to skateboard across endless parking lots of an industrial park, smiling a shit-eating grin at the suckers dragging into the office, only to happen upon a mysterious skate ramp at the far end when the title track kicks in, and I break into a string of mind-bending stunts, yelling, "Hear that lick from 'This One Goes Out to the One I Love' in there? It's because its filling the same neeeeeeedddddddd........" as I careen off the edge of the ramp on into the blue sky. Perhaps like some kind of cosmic explosion, a bubbly excessive one, in the sky. Beats being found in that landslide.Never mind that I cannot skateboard to save my life and am in fact, one of those suckers trudging into work. It's about the feeling and like a pizza boy, Oasis delivers.


  1. Absolutely. Oasis is the only band that has ever inspired me to evangelical zeal. I used to arrive early to my high school classes just so I could scribble Oasis lyrics on the board before the rest of the students started filtering in. When people would ask me what kind of music I liked, I'd respond, "Oasis." And the SWAGGER! I loved all the posturing, all the drunken punch-ups, the arrogance for arrogance's sake. I'd buy interview CDs and stay up half the night memorizing them. My life intersected perfectly with their success, and I found them at the best time. No band has ever affected me as much as Oasis did, and no other band ever will.

  2. Oasis is definitely one of my all-time favorite bands. They have a very unique sound but are somehow so likable by many different people :)