Monday, March 3, 2008

Rick's Mix

Working on the book (21,409 words at present count) I am going back and relistening to the songs I remember being on a very key mix tape from 1985. Here I present, in all their painful, adolescent, wildly style-inconsistent glory, the songs I remember from

Rick's Mix

Joy Division - "I Remember Nothing"

Silicon Teens - "Memphis, Tennessee"

Fischer Z - "So Long"

The Birthday Party - "Sonny's Burning"

Billy Idol - "Dancing with Myself" - Rick may have had the Generation X version on this tape, but he was into Billy Idol unabashedly

Bauhaus - "Bela Lugosi'd Dead"

Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners - "Ugly Head"

The Sisters of Mercy - "Marian(Version)" The song was MJY = MY JAM Y'ALL, but who puts up videos like this? Thanks anyways.

Trio - "Da Da Da" - I still love this song.

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  1. how have I lived this long without seeing that Trio video?