Thursday, March 6, 2008

Email Sonata for Alex V. Cook by Walter Cianciusi

Email Sonata for Alex V. Cook is the fifth piece in the video and was suggested by me to the composer when I was a member of FluxList. The idea was to send an email to yourself and then keep replying, each message triggering your "you've got mail" sound and the resulting collection of those is the piece.

Walter's much smarter interpretation of it is as follows:

The fifth piece (Email Sonata) uses exclusively the default Outlook Express
(Microsoft) sound for signaling the incoming mail. Performed for the first time
by the composer Alex V. Cook, the score prescribes a repeated post of email
messages from an account to the same account (an autoreferential system). The
musical results (greater or minor density in time of the sound) can vary
according to the simultaneous presence of users on the server in a particular

I haven't heard it in years, and I am humbled by the interprtation and honored by the dedication all over again.

here is more about Walter (wiki - official site)

Here are two of my physical contributions to some of the group's projects
Fluxlist Address Book
Fluxlist Box No. 1

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