Friday, March 14, 2008

Outsideleft: This Year’s Deluxe Models: Elvis, Ronnie and Ryan

Elaborate repackaging of classic records is met by this humble reviewer with mixed emotion. The music-first activist resists the cult of personality that copious bonus material seems to support. Do we need to hear each clumsy demo? Do I need my illusions of a group’s glory years sullied by the fact that they sounded like shit live back then? Hardly. Do we need re-imagineering (or whatever you call his specific brand of ruining things) songs we’ve heard so many times they show up in a drug test, as was done on the wholly unnecessary Thriller reissue? Never.

That said, I am an American and thereby a consumer and cannot help but appreciate an upgrade. Reissues almost always sound fantastic and drag some skeleton out of the grave for one more dance in the moonlight because, well, everything has something worthy to it, right? I submit three recent examples of the art of musical necrophilia courtesy of the fine upstanding virgule bracketed conglomerates listed below. Read more...

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