Thursday, January 17, 2008

An Abecedary on Writing a New Book

Always I am planning to start a new
Book, fresh with an idea hatched in the shower or in the
Car – as long as it’s a place where nothing can be
Done about it right that very second.
Each one of these ideas is
Flawed in some structural basis, but conversely each contains a
Grain of the larger truth that is slowly being
Hatched over a secession of eggs.
If I keep all these hatchling incubated
Just alive enough to not completely
Kill the impetus that conceived them, I can eventually
Lash them together or at least parts of them together like Frankenstein’s
Monster, leaping to life in a
Necessary hodgepodge of the old ideas’
Quick though, because the mortar that binds the parts can
Run like
Through your fingers, which are cupping handfuls of useless sand instead of typing.
Under all this is the need for
Validating what I “do”, when the bulk of what I do is
Waste a lot of time talking about it (like now), and
X-ing through the cracks forming in the mortar. The
Yen to finally get past this step and move forward is the
Zenith of the writing process.

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