Wednesday, September 16, 2009

they need monastic silence

Earth - Radio (listen) The healthy lifestyle cafeteria on campus had some kind of miraculous cure-all cabbage and greens dish on the menu, of which I ate a ton and then walked back to my office in the lingering dog breath of summer, feeling a lot like how the music of Earth sounds.

Erik Friedlander - Volac: Book of Angels, Volume 8 (listen) Every "Living with Music" playlist in the New York Times writer-nerdery blog Paper Cuts has the following: 1) a Leonard Cohen song, 2) an obvious R&B or jazz vocal song, 3) writers saying they need monastic silence in which to write lest they be swept up helpless in the arms of song, and 4) exactly one mention that makes me go OH SHIT that is exactly what I want to hear, and Michael Greenberg's mention of cellist Erik Friedlander sent me sailing not to the fine album he suggested, but to this elegant set of miniatures culled from John Zorn's "Masada" songbook.

The Clientele - Bonfires of the Heath (Out Oct. 6) Sublime. I might put them on my "Living with Music" playlist were I asked to do one.

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