Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the constant fallout of the future's hubris

999 - The Early Stuff (The UA Years) (listen) - I'm lying about the posting time down there; I came back from the future just so I could post a 999 album on 9/9/09 09:09 AM. I've been watching the Terminator TV series on NetFlix and its seems the time travelers there are playing fast and loose with the continuum that every other time-travel story goes to such irritating pains to preserve. Which, I mean, if you can go back in time, can't you fix it? And then go back and fix what you broke that time around? And again and again? Isn't that what we do already? Maybe the reason we never learn from history is not our penchant for messing up things through laziness but because of time-travelers from the future endlessly coming back and messing up the timeline, trying to fix things, etc etc. Simple folk that we are now could actually progress as a culture were it not for the constant fallout of the future's hubris.

So this might just be a lark, or I might be killing the dinosaurs with this post. Happy 9/9/09!

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