Monday, September 28, 2009

"I got wild mushrooms growing in my yard"

Lloyd Cole - Don't Get Weird on Me, Babe
(listen) I love Lloyd Cole. His collection 1984-1989 is the perfect document of the bracketed era. "My Bag" is one of the all-time great cocaine songs.

In the band I front in my mind's eye, I sing "My Bag" with considerable swagger, tossing out "I got wild mushrooms growing in my yard" like sweat flung from my magic fingertips, pointing to my horn section in the back.

Don't Get Weird on Me, Babe is a Springsteen-esque gem, a moment of clarity. Lloyd is poised on the fence, right after he quit singing about drugs and before he started singing about drinking, where he may have looked and said, "Look, I've only got a minute here before it all goes to shit, let's get some people who know exactly what this is like (Fred Maher, Matthew Sweet and Robert Quine) and try to make something gorgeous out of 1990." And they did.

Geraint Watkins - Dial W For Watkins (listen) Geraint Watkins was a Welsh keyboard and accordion player (and singer/guitarist) who played with Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe and a lot of those cats back in the day (and still does), recording an album as Geraint Watkins & The Dominators in 1979 for Stiff Vertigo records. He was also a member of the Balham Alligators, a loose London Cajun (actually Cajun/R'n'R/Scottish/Welsh/Blues/French/Country/Pop) band started with some other pub crawlers in 1983. If anyone wants to send me a copy of their album A Po'boy and Make it Snappy, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks to Neil Brockbank for the corrections and (additional info).

Dial W for Watkins is not the pub rock boogie apocalypse the cover might imply; rather it is an upscale, atmospheric soul-blues record splashed with a little moonshine just for taste.

Here he is groovin up the Beach Boys' "Heroes & Villains" from the other day.

Warren Storm - Honky Tonkin' - Swamp pop king Warren Storm is the coolest. I met him briefly at a Lil' Band O' Gold show. The DJ played his spellbinding "Seven Letters" on KBON last night, after telling a story about meeting Warren in a Lafayette barber shop, as I was prowling around in the fog on Hwy 190, making some connections with Louisiana music and the infinite dark that is a Saturday night.

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