Friday, September 25, 2009

ate up with love

The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues (listen) Mike Scott loves you more than you could ever love him. One could say he's ate up with love for you. He's about to pop, though he does what he can to keep it at bay. How your eyes are like tortures! And your presence is bliss! It escapes in a whoop every once in a while, though usually he just shakes and shakes with it. If you'd only just love him, the walls to the dam would burst and there would be a few minutes of rough water - some shit is gonna get destroyed in the deluge - but once the water settles, you'll see how nice it is when you let a river do what it's called to do.

The Beach Boys - Smiley Smile (listen) Musical precision doesn't really do it for me like ragged humanity does, hence, I'm not much of a Beach Boys fan, but I was in the rare mood for insulin-level-endangering harmonies and was delighted by how weird Smiley Smile is. Of course I know "Heroes and Villans" and "Good Vibrations" and concede to their infallibility, but I was pleasantly surprised at how wigged-out the rest of it is. It is like Ken Nordine, Incredible String Band weird.

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Blue Highway (listen) Now this record, coming off like, I dunno, Night Ranger doing their best impression of the Band in the holding bay of that ELO spaceship, is improbably likable. The Lesser Wilson struggles with each metaphor until it simply relents to lie gasping in the song.
Who made my moonshine intoxicate me
Oooooh who made me cry
Like the end of a beautiful play

Holds and tickles and hugs out the night
Hold her hand and started to cry
The audience thought they would die
Wow. but the execution is spot on streetwise, note my leather jacket and jazz sensibilities, lite rock grandeur.

But back to love, where we all go. Mike Scott shivers from it. Brian Wilson is nearly immolated by it; cauterized to the point that he can't even feel it anymore. Brother Dennis has something of a solution: simple repeat "the world loves you, yes they do" enough times, it finally will.

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