Friday, September 25, 2009

5 general status updates

  1. The process of the book is giddily underway, with constant reminders that I should do this the way I always do things like this, except better this time, which seems like a good general motto.
  2. I keep getting anonymous Chinese (I think it is Chinese) comments on a previous 5 things from back in July. I'm wondering what in that rather innocuous post has attracted so much attention.
  3. Rhapsody on the iPhone is one of the best things I've encountered this year. It has made my obsessive aspects ambient, spreading them out across the boundaries of place and time.
  4. I am pushing myself into a more visible place at work and looking at the ways I used to get swallowed up by the interpersonal aspects of the workplace and am finding better ways to do it, i.e. chilling the fuck out a little.
  5. I really like riding the bus and the little internet app that lets me track it and my little half-mile walk home from the bus stop, and that like might grow to love once it ceases to be summer down here in the tropics of America.

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