Tuesday, September 1, 2009

[Country Roads] Ann Galjour and Fringe New Orleans Music

In the September issue of Country Roads Magazine:

She had me at “hosepipe.”

When Sherelle Dantin, one of the many characters brought to life by Anne Galjour in her one-woman play Hurricane at the Bayou Playhouse in Lockport, offers “Then I'm calling the Alligator Patrol to come hosepipe the blood” as a part of her plan to shoot a reptilian invader in her yard, I knew this story was in the hands of someone who truly knows the language of down-the-bayou Cajuns. Louisiana works its way into the hearts and minds of many a storyteller. It is a place of congeniality, originality, sensuality and mystery. The thread running through all that is a very peculiar use of the language, and when someone gets it wrong, it is glaringly wrong. Galjour gets it right.


At first listen, the disc seems like the work of an ardent Randy Newman admirer, but as soon as you are comfortable, Bobby Lounge takes you down a rabbit hole of frank sexuality and small-town existence, like if Jerry Lee Lewis narrated the local police beat.

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