Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Dwarves - Blood, Guts & Pussy - Unsavory music for unsavory people. In a rare moment of self censorship for those of you that may be pulling up this site at work, I posted a pic of their guitarist HeWhoCannotBeNamed in deference to the actual cover which may not be suitable for the polite environs in which you, dear reader, undoubtedly find yourself.

Cattle Decapitation - Homovore (listen) the kind of indefensible cartoon violence rock that makes for amusing contrast to the scene walking across our humid campus for a midday coffee. Grindcore is like giving society too rough a massage.

Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem (listen) Gray area music for the grayest of areas and the airiest of grays.

Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind (listen) This is actual beautiful music as opposed to the previous selections, but sometimes we need to acclimated ourselves to splendor of Heaven by wallowing in filth a little. Isn't that what the hedonist tantra is about? That Blake quote about the palace of wisdom? Rumspringa? And they are coming! Tonight! Say goodbye eardrums, goodbye breath! I am preparing my shouting for I will not be able to hear again! Because of the beauty!

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