Tuesday, September 8, 2009

it's a good totebag

Kurt Vile - Childish Prodigy (Out Oct. 6) Ignore the foolish moniker as I hope whatever Kurt Vile's real name soon does. This record kicks; a hormonal outburst of youth-enthusiasm rattled through perfectly spare skeletal recordings was the perfect soundtrack for viewing the full range of identity anxiety on the bus into work this morning. These kids! So fragile and tragic. I love them all. One still had the tote bag they give you at registration. Mind you, we use that very totebag ourselves - it's a good totebag; it fits a laptop, a couple folders, iPod just right - but child, we are old and cannot be made to look any more foolish than we already do; there is still hope for you. And while I'm doling out unsolicited advice... You! Over there! That eighties shit looks terrible on you.

A track or two from the Kurt Vile record are available on the Matador blog.

Carol Fran - Soul Sensation! (MySpace)- I caught the feisty Ms. Fran at Bourque's Social Club where she got up and sung a few blues throwdowns with a number of fellow Excello artists performing that night but mostly held court from her stool at the edge of the dance floor, one out of which she shooed a friend of mine by announcing, "Oh no, I know some bitch didn't steal my seat!" She assured Ms. Fran she was just holding it for her and all was well. Here she is at the Ponderosa Stomp, offering the rare viable excuse to listen to yet another version of "Sweet Home Chicago."

Kenny Neal - Hoodoo Man (listen) The thing I like most about Kenny Neal, one of Baton Rouge's most beloved blues sons, is not the tight, complex versions of the blues thang that he does on record, but when he sets into an atmospheric strafing run live. Kenny Neal can work some ego-less, post-weedly, Sonic Youth ragged, Andy Summers atmospheric, aurora borealis f'real wildness into a guitar solo when he's cooking live. If you know a place on album or YouTube where he lets crass humanity slip and goes there, let me know.

Also, he used to have an awesome TV show here in Baton Rouge that went a lot like this.

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  1. Kurt Vile is his real name, not a moniker.