Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the conference, the garden of love, the sound, the flying saucer, the allegory

Phill Niblock - Music by Phill Niblock (listen) All the talk about the 2nd International Conference on Minimalist Music, you know, all that talk going around about it everywhere you go, people on buses, in elevators, strangers folding up their magazines at the park so they can talk about it, reminded me that I've been needing to check out some music by Phill Niblock, who besides having a deft hand with extended static tension, might be the only minimalist composer with a sense of humor, at least in regard to his titles.

Jakob ter Veldhuis - "The Garden of Love" for saxophone and jambox. Mr. ter Veldhuis performed his "the Body of Your Dreams" there, which I read was a hoot. I am fond of this little thing he did for Dutch TV.

Mission of Burma - The Sound The Speed The Light (out Oct.6 along with everything good in the universe) rocks.

Flying Saucer Attack - Goodbye - Adios.

Roy Montgomery - The Allegory of Hearing - Is there some reason no one out here ever told me about Roy Montgomery and how much I would love his music? "Alex, you like pensive post-everything rockish psych music that bears the patina of Enlightenment. You wish the opening of 'She Sells Sanctuary' would just go on forever and never get to the song. You might dig Roy Montgomery," you could have said, but you didn't. Instead you let me stumble on it like a guy who doesn't look where he's going and stumbles over things. I suppose that is how Enlightenment is supposed to work and this episode is in fact an allegory of hearing now that I think about it and I probably should thank you because the nothing you did resulted in my gain. So thanks.

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