Friday, September 18, 2009

run from the past like it's an approaching twister

Bob Dylan - Modern Times (listen) Someone on Facebook apologized for playing a really long, terrible Bob Dylan song on her radio show, which seemed a touch momentous; no Bob Dylan person in history has apologized for unleashing an overlong Bob Dylan song on anyone before. She woudln't say which one, but she said it was from Modern Times, an album I consider to be highly overrated, and well, all the songs are too long for what they are on Modern Times. So take your pick!

John Prine - Bruised Orange (listen) To be honest, I didn't really listen to this, in the same way I've never really listened to a John Prine album; I am just in the room when I put them on. I concede to his songwriting prowess, but I can't get into it. This one did catch my attention; it was like the song nodded off halfway through the story, in a good way.

David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name (listen) Disregard the cover that looks like a poster one might find next to the candles in a bible store; this album kicks ass. Hippy shtick turning sour, turning venomous. It sounds a little like Jefferson Airplane, Santata, the Grateful Dead mostly because they all formed the "The Great Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra," Paul Kantner's all-star band that backs Crosby up here. I understand that if either you are a nostalgist and are immediately in love with this one description, or an anti-nostalgist who will wisely run from the past like it's an approaching twister, you will not belive this album is any good; but as someone who is a little bit of both/neither, I suggest you give it a try.

The Velvet Underground - Squeeze (via Sleeping With the TV on) This has been on my get-around-to list for eons, and it came up on a music board around which I lurk. Got around to it. Got around it a little, even. Check.

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