Tuesday, May 12, 2009

gimme a C

The extra sparse opening track on the first Chic record (listen) is hitting me on exactly the right spot.

It kinda blows it after that, having heard "Le Freak" at least once a day since forever, but man, disco has some shared woodpile with Minimalism, they both work best when there is one idea seen through to completion.

I dig Raphael Saddiq's post-jack-soul on Instant Vintage (listen) more than I do his Motown xerox album from last year. I am more stoked at the prospects of him consorting with D'Angelo on whatever Lynwood Rose is (ganked from PUT ME ON IT).

From the jump, it is vocal soul-gymnastics, doo-hop perhaps, gospel titration squeezed to increase pressure. These tracks are available elsewhere, like on Q-Tip's latest underwhelming album The Renaissance and D'Angelo's 2000 album Voodoo but in the loose mixtape atmosphere, even the near-decade old songs sound fresh in juxtaposition.

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