Monday, May 11, 2009

bummer city

Pink Reason - Cleaning the Mirror - exquisite loner bumout guitar served on Ritz crackers, arranges right next to the half-empty punch bowl at the worst party ever. So good...

The Dead C - Harsh 70's Reality - At least they are letting you know what awaits therein with a title like that. The Dead C are less harsh than they are unrelenting, even the pretty moments seem to be trudging past without blinking, gears still turning a busted mill long abandoned. A solar-powered test of air raid horns in a deserted city, blaring away to no one. Dial tones purring away on dangling receivers, swaying in the wind of post-humanity. This record is bleak, but sublimely so.

Thrones - Sperm Whale - I am tempted to dub this bass and drum machine experiment by Joe Preston of the Melvins as simply unlistenable; at one point it sounds like Atlantic Starr imitating Slayer, but it is oddly compelling.

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