Thursday, May 7, 2009

the exorcist situation in Baton Rouge

Most Rev. Robert W. Muench,

I was just reading a book review posted on

When I came across this sentence:

Father Gary Thomas, Baglio's trainee exorcist, half fell into the job; he volunteered when, in 2004, the Vatican asked every Catholic bishop to appoint an official exorcist to his diocese.

Is this true, that the Vatican asked this of each diocese, and if so, who was appointed from the Baton Rouge diocese? I am not seeking the services of such a person but am curious as to who, if anyone, serves in that role.

Alex V. Cook


Dear Mr. Cook,

Your e-mail to Bishop Muench regarding the appointment of a diocesan exorcist was forwarded to me.

I consulted our judicial vicar who confirmed my understanding as follows.

The Diocese of Baton Rouge has no officially appointed exorcist at this time. The Holy See does not require that each diocese appoint an exorcist; rather, it encourages that each situation be dealt with on its own merit, i.e. initiate an investigation and if necessary appoint an exorcist on an ad hoc basis. Furthermore, the bishop can appoint any priest since he does not have to limit himself only to the priests of his own diocese.


Fr. Than Vu

Very Reverend Than N. Vu

Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia

Diocese of Baton Rouge


  1. Whew. Good to know. Thanks, buddy!

  2. Hey, that means there's a job opening!

  3. Jindal can take care of the local exorcisms.