Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ABBA with a couple semesters of grad school

Paul Weller - Heliocentric (listen) - Paul Weller is one classy cat, having helmed two influential bands and then continuing with a grown-up music solo concern in the most gentlemanly manner.

God Help the Girl, soundtrack by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian, out 6/23 - I have just received this from the means that shape my listening privilege and though I've only given it a cursory listen, I think it may be one of the best things ever. For those who haven't been following this project, it is a soundtrack without a film comprised of a few older B&S songs and mostly new ones sung by a trio of women. The soul disco remake of the already great "Funny Little Frog"with Brittany Stallings' vocals is breathtakingly good. This album is ABBA with a couple semesters of grad school, coquettish and irresistible. I know I am a softie for Belle & Sebastian, a band whose damnation was cemented for many with an outburst by Jack Black's character in High Fidelity, but, I mean, c'mon, tell me you don't love this

Serge Gainsbourg - L'Histoire of Melody Nelson (listen) I think Stuart Murdoch might be the new Serge Gainsbourg, trading the old bastard's unabashed lothario for the compressed coyness of the imagined affections of a perky barista. I offered that very scenario to my friend Kevin who fashioned this out of it.

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