Friday, July 19, 2013

Just now


I'm working on my syllabus for the the fall semester and one of the exercises is:
Take five photos with your phone in a 15-minute timeframe.
Edit them in PhotoShop to make them better.
Post them to your blog in the order that you took them.
See if you can find visual threads running through the photos, and write 100-200 words about it.
The waffle texture shows up throughout, from the grease trap grate to the waffle cone to the ridges in the styrofoam plate. Every photo features some kind of metal.

I think they are a little funny. The idea that there is a giant grease trap on campus is funny and terrifying to me. What is down there? I think the sad, little plate of cheese samples from the dairy store is really funny. There was no way to make that photo appetizing so I didn't try. Their spicy Cajun cheese is pretty amazing, by the way.

The rainbow on the metal plate (two "plates") from the parking lot drop arm is reflected in the background of the ice cream bins in the dairy story, as well as the cheery little pink box next to "The Kennedy," whatever that is. The overflow of the ice cream cone resembles the top of "The Kennedy." They all involve circles, except for the crossing gate, which is also the only horizontal one. Horizontal photos depict a world; vertical ones are portraits.

Overall, I think these photos convey a quiet, bemused joy, as is stated right there on the ice cream cone.

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