Friday, July 26, 2013

Creative Louisiana at Magpie Cafe, Baton Rouge 7/26/2013

Closing with "Way Down in the Hole," approaching religious/entrepreneurial fervor.
Facebook video by Meg G. Holford. (Click here if you don't see a video above)

Hey, this was fun! An excellent way to get back into lecture mode for the fall semester.

magpie01 - lpmagpie02 - lp
Action shots by Lance Porter.

Creative Louisiana invited me to do a talk about living the creative life, so I opened it with playing one of my own songs solo, something I've never done. More importantly, I cannot say I've never done it before now because I have. Some 67 people were there according to the groovy iPad register at Magpie Cafe,  so they can all bear witness.

magpie03 - sm
Photo by Samantha Morgan.

The song felt awkward, like somehow I didn't know how to find the notes with my voice, but I'm OK with that. Improvements can only come on the next time. See? I'm talking in platitudes already. The fall semester is going to be a snap!

magpie06 - ann allen-coulter
Photo by Ann Allen-Coulter. Thanks to Lance Porter, Wendy Overton, the lady playing maracas whose name I can't remember and Leon Lejune for fleshing out "Way Down in the Hole" Special commendation to Leon for remembering what chord it starts on.

Edited to add: Nanci Charpentier, Artist, did a very kind write-up at her blog, where she said, "And then he started talking and moving and waving his hands..." which is a pretty accurate account of my lecture style. The Advocate also had me do their weekly pop quiz to promote it.

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