Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spanish Town Mardi Gras 2013: Still hoarse.


Here is the non-slideshow version. Photos by Carol Galloway and others.

I was privileged and humbled to play with a bunch of amazing musicins in a marching band before the 2013 Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade on Saturday. From doing so, I am still hoarse. As it happens, it is hard to sing over trombones. Someone today mentioned that I sound more like Tom Waits today than I did while I was singing, so maybe that's his secret. The following are a couple of videos pulled from Facebook and the like. If you have more photos or videos to add to the documentation of this little event, please kick me a link in the comments.

UPDATE: the full line-up is listed below.

The Baton Rouge Adult Music Club + Towne and Country Marching Band
Dave Hinson, drums and spiritual guidance
Ben Herrington, trombone and conducting
Richard Gramitakis, trombone and bear suit
Jayme St. Romain, tambourine and wig
Lance Porter, guitar and amp loan
Benjo Fernandez, saxophone and tophat
Leon Lejeune, guitar and beret
Louis Lipinski, guitar and moustache
Lewis Roussell, guitar and wizened demeanor
Arisia Gilmore - French horn
David Melancon - trumpet
Nick Garrison - trombone and lion suit
Jessica Ottaviano - trombone and Mork suspenders
John Mann V - drum/percussion
Ryan Harris - guitar and knowledge of the guitar chords
Joe Poynot - snare drumAlex V. Cook, guitar and blown vocal chords

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Here's our route.

"Way Down in the Hole" rehearsing before the parade.

Normal talented musicians are probably used to just getting together and figuring out a song on the spot, but I'm still new to the idea and it still amazes me how it works.

The following were not captured on video: "Temptation" by Tom Waits, "Make Me a Pallet on your Floor", "China Town" (re-purposed as "Spanish Town") 

"Way Down in the Hole" performed in the street at the end of our route.

Someone in the crowd handed me a beer after the song in the street, which is pretty high praise.

"Liza Jane/Flintstones Theme" in the alley beside Dave's house.

"Goo Goo Muck" in an appropriately cramped space.

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  1. A dabba-do time was had by all!

    An edit for you: I know that David Melancon was on trumpet, and on the snare was a gent named Joe.