Monday, July 9, 2012

The setup


The setup: pint of Jack or Crown, can of Coke, bowl of ice, however many glasses. Adjust mix for effect and sip at your own pace. Send someone from the table to get more ice eventually. I'm not a Jack and Coke guy, but I love a Jack and Coke setup when I go to Teddy's. It's brilliant move and a bad idea wrapped up in one. This picture looks like product placement but I'd say the place overshadows the product and whatever it originally meant.

Saturday Night:
Larry Garner at Teddy's Juke Joint. Happy 60th birthday, Larry. Those ribs were on the money. Give ol' Larry some birthday love and get his new CD Blues for Sale on iTunes or Amazon or just go find him. I bet he'll sell you one.

Lil' Band O' Gold, The Promised Land

Nurse with Wound, She and Me Fall Together in Free Death
Scientist, Scientist Dubs Culture into a Parallel Universe
Otis Taylor, Clovis People, Vol. 3
Boredoms, Vision Creation Newsun
Leo Kottke, Guitar Music
Bill Frisell, Disfarmer


A setup of a wholly different sort. It'll set you up nonetheless. I think it would be hilarious if you ordered a setup and this is what they brought you and were all, "What?"

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  1. You ate lunch out of a can and a washed pb jar? You really are Huck Finn!