Sunday, July 1, 2012

The moon over the Moonlight

Wayne Toups and ZyDeCajun


Listen to more Sun Ra & His Arkestra at Wolfgang's Vault.

The July Issue of Country Roads Magazine is making the rounds and I am all up in it with

I went to check out Wayne Toups (top) and the Moonlight Inn (below) for that very magazine. 


The Moonlight Inn in French Settlement.

moon outside the moonlight inn

The moon over the Moonlight. It's amazing how much better one's photos are when remembers to bring a tripod. I don't want to give away too much - article forthcoming in August - but dude, they party out there in the sticks.

mom's bar

I stopped outside this place, Mom's Bar, on the way back. It looks to be straight out of True Blood, down to the dated hard rock booming through the walls. There were just two dudes there shooting pool and I decided to forgo a visit, just in case vampires are real. The running theme of Cajun Justice, a reality cop show based in Terrebonne Parish where I grew up, is all about the Sheriff tracking down voodoo gangs.  So disappointing. I just want to see someone from my high school either be a cop on TV or be arrested on TV, OK? Is that too much to ask? I never saw a voodoo anything ever, and I had goth tendencies in my formative years. What I'm saying is, maybe I know what goes on in the night down here, having written a book on it, and maybe I don't. Or maybe TV isn't like life at all!

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