Monday, June 9, 2008

3 things about tiny cars, alerts, and "The Cobra"

  1. A blog mention showed up on a Google Alert. This would be one of the first times "alex v. cook" didn't bring up my own blog (which only deflates the baloons at one's own Google Alert ego-party) or results of a matches won by an extreme fighter named Alex "The Cobra" Cook.
  2. I saw a cheery red Smart Car silently making my block this morning as I walked the dog. I want one so bad. I have an overwhelming desire to own and operate a tiny car that has nary to do with environmental concerns. I just want it. As it passed me, I was walking next to a parked Mini which looked ostentatious by comparison.
  3. If I got one, I would find a stylish decal of a cobra and put it on the back window in tribute to my ass-kicking extreme namesake. I would insist that the car be painted red, red like the blood spilled on the mat, or the concrete floor, or whatever surface extreme fighters fight on. I would get the loudest speaker system one can mount in such a tiny car and blare that Santana album while I parallel parked WHEREVER I MUFUCKIN PLEASE, because of the smallness and smartness of my car. AW-IGHT??! ALERT DAT!

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