Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rudy, you're like school on the weekends

NO CLASS! My class finished today. I teach computer skills to jobless people to prepare them for a career in the hospitality industry. They've had 3-days to complete an assignment involving everything we've covered, culminating in them making a PowerPoint demonstration with graphs and pictures and so on, and 20 out of 24 people finished the assignment and did heartfelt, nervous presentations. Lots of thank yous and all that, and

one student slipped a Cross pen in my bag. I feel like a king with it, like I should be writing 5-figure checks from a large banker's book, the kind where you tear out checks three-a-page.

It's in a big plastic case like a graduation present. I will display it proudly on my shelf.

This is the best class I've ever taught. I love convincing people not to be scared of a stupid computer or a stupid spreadsheet or a stupid resume or a stupid interview or a stupid career, dispelling the myth that these are things out of their station and grasp and more importantly, the myth that they are not smart enough to make it happen.


  1. we have 3-on-a-page checks because Nero lost our checkbook twice in our first 2 years of marriage. I have a wallet checkbook, he is not allowed.

    do you think the cross pen is hot? I mean, yk, hot, not hawt.

  2. I think the cross pen is touching, as it was presented. But should I witness someone using a cross pen, as the Cadillac of writing tools that it in culturally considered, yeah I'd think it was hot. Being able to keep track of a nice pen is like having expensive sunglasses - I'm envious of that wherewithall.