Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Drakmar, A Vassal's Journey

Jesus Christ. If you are a boy with absent-daddy issues, this HBO documentary might be too much to bear. If not, it's touching meditation on what fatherhood is and what it is not, that offers the most satisfying sci-fi, D&D dork humor since Trekkies. I was ready to have a new font of dork humor, but this thing cuts to the bone.

Without giving anything away, I'm tempted to say Colin is heroic in his resolve, but I fear things ten years down the line. All I can say is that house is only going to get messier and more densely-populated by the time Drakmar II comes out.

Still though, this is an example of brilliant narrative non-fiction, finding universal poetry in a goofy premise. The filmmakers inject themselves just enough into the narrative, acting as catalysts rather than stars, letting the heroes and fuck-ups inter-tangle like they always do, Huzzah!

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