Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2 recap in question form.

Vague spoilers ahead.
My overall impression: favorable. Like the recent reboot movies, it is a Star Trek story for people who find actual Star Trek too boring. I have no real stock in timeline continuity or whatever, but as a Star Trek true-believer, I have some questions.

  1. Her name is Michael?
  2. What is it saying about a black woman (raised Vulcan(white)) who went from “You should get your own command” to save-the-day clever space acrobat to Fletcher Christian to starting a war with the actually-scary-people-of-color in two episodes?
  3. Is the albino Klingon becoming the great white hope of the Empire, or is this a un-racist thing (“some see a mistake, I see a mirror”) or just generally racist like most Klingon characterizations are in Star Trek?
  4. Why do Klingon ships otherwise in the Star Trek universe look like man-cave submarines filled with ogre pirates where these Klingons are a staging a Versace shoot in the gilded lobby of a Trump hotel? Is it because Klingons are Trump supporters? (don't click)
  5. Why don’t the upright transporter gas burners transport everything in the room? Is it because it is just a show and I really should relax?
  6. Why does Admiral Alpha Honky get to swing it around the room as a hologram while everyone else is on the TV? Can they get Frank Zappa's hologram on an episode?
  7. Is Adobe After Effects a sponsor, given the amount of lens flare? Did Ginsu Knives pay to have the sliding doors sound like that?
  8. Will Capt. Georgiou trade in her smart Starfleet tracksuit for Jedi spirit robes? Can she at least get a spirit sword or something? Michelle Yeoh used to do her own stunts in Hong Kong action movies. She could be the most badass captain ever. Put her in, Coach!
  9. Will anyone finish making Lt. Saru’s face? Is he a Mummenschanz?
  10. Why does The Orville feel more like a Star Trek show and ST:D feels more like 24: In Space?
  11. Did no one consider the impact of the ST:D acronym on the level of discourse in the forums?
  12. Will CBS: All Access provide non-glitched access to the show soon? I did sign up for a free trial, after all.
  13. Will there be an episode written and directed by the @rikergoogling guy? I hope so.

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