Monday, June 29, 2015

dream + talking about dreams + song about dreams + apology

A still from Georges Méliès' Deux Cents Milles sous les mers ou le Cauchemar du pêcheur (20,000 Leagues Under the Seas parody), 1907

  1. On the drive to work, I remembered my dream, which I almost never do: I was carrying a baby through this giant Victorian house: part Louisiana plantation house set-up, part Winchester House. There were a lot of steps and someone in the dream made a wisecrack about Escher. I was following this whole family as they ran through the house until we got to a pier. Another wing of the house had been built on the end of the pier but had fallen into the lake and was now submerged. The family shimmied out of their clothes like Europeans at the beach and all jumped in. I set the baby down on the pier and followed and the baby jumped in too. We went through a busted stained glass skylight and swam around the inside of the sunken house. I kept thinking, I better get this baby up to the surface for air, but he or she (don't remember) would swim by giggling up a cloud of bubbles, so we just kept swimming.
  2. Last night, I met up some friends and one of them said he's been having vivid dreams, and another recounted a conversation with other mutual friends, saying the woman always hated it when the man would tell her his dream. I pictured an exaggerated, deflating sigh on her part, practically holding up a sign that said HERE WE GO AGAIN.
  3. Just before that, I was messing around in the practice space and came up with a simple but kinda cool riff and just added some dumb lyrics about dreams to it, just to try it out and now I really like the song, so since you are so far indulging me...

  4. I could have waited, waited a little longer
    If my heart, my heart had been a little stronger
    My dreams carry me away
    My dreams are stronger than I am

    I could have been your man, could've been your man a little longer
    If my willpower had been, willpower been a little stronger
    My dreams carry me away
    My dreams are stronger than I am
  5. As I've said before, my dreams are stupid. I apologize to those following this dormant blog all this time and then here I appear talking about my dreams. Exaggerated sigh.
  6. I was going to put the whole Georges Méliès movie mentioned above, but I came across another called "The Devil in a Convent" which sounds like much saucier dream material, so here you go, and again, I'm sorry.

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