Friday, March 1, 2013

The Music of 2/24/2013 - 3/1/2013

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It was largely a week of moody concentration mixed with airy daydreaming, which is pretty much every week, really.

I almost feel compelled to apologize for putting something from a U2 album I got for my 13th birthday, but someone on Facebook mentioned Red Rocks Amphitheater and it dredged up Bono realizing aloud"This is Red Rocks"and the "da-da-DADADA" drums of "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" and how he came out on stage with that big white flag and it was a beautiful thing. It's was a  more poignant teenage surrender than even Cheap Trick could muster. In a lot of ways, U2 provided the liftoff velocity from Cheap Trick to vistas yet explored.

Nothing wrong with Cheap Trick, mind you. It's just there is more to the world that what the dream police want you to see.

In red, white and blue:


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