Friday, December 14, 2012

colored pencils and safety scissors

Baton Rouge Adult Music Club, "Lonely Man".

We played at the Beauregard Town Art Walk. I wrote this song in the car when I went to Nashville a couple of weeks back and it's very weird to see it come to fruition on that kind of timeframe.

William Dalrymple, In Xanadu
Mogwai, A Wretched Virile Love and Earth Division
Everything by Dirty Three on Spotify
Madleine Peroux, Bare Bones
Nico, Desertshore

This was actually Friday.

But I've been thinking about it all week. This is kinda what I do at my job and Hans Rosling says it with more dynanism than I can muster. Watch this if you haven't already, and watch it again if you have. It holds up.

Brother Jack McDuff, Down Home Style
The Meters, Struttin', The Meters and Look-Ka-Py-Py

Wednesday & Thursday, who knows? I was in meetings.

Metallica, Ride the Lightning
Motörhead, Rock 'n' Roll

Marie Menken, "Go! Go! Go!"

I'm completely transfixed with this little movie, this little idea exploded into genius. I might write an article about Marie Menken. I'm at least going to go get the book I read years ago that tells her story.


This is from the stage at my college's graduation which is a lot of pomp and ceremony except it's a real thing too and it is something to be responsible in some way for another person doing things down the line.

I was thinking during our after-ceremony faculty lunch about sitting with these kids on one room one moment and an auditorium the next and how life's pace is sped up and how that trajectory is a rope ladder woven from hope and intention and then word got out that another group of students were sitting in a room in Connecticut with colored pencils and safety scissors one moment and then were gone and oh and shit and Jesus Christ and now what can anyone think?

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