Tuesday, June 2, 2009

old true love ain't too hard to see

I'm glad the massive Neil Young Archives box (listen) opens with the congenial surf rock stylings of the Squires. I felt I should listen to this moster at once but wasn't really up for Immediate Neil All Day. I wanted to ease into it, but easing into an 8-CD boxed set is like easing into Ulysses or sitting down to eat a bucket of chicken by one's self or pulling out of teh driveway for a 13-hour car trip. Two minutes in, you are already wishing you were doing something else but now you are all committed.

All I'm saying is this is as non-threatening a way to start as possible

and the epiphany potential here is great when by the third track, one of my all time favorite Neil Young songs "Don't Cry No Tears" is displayed in its embryonic stage as a goofy bubblegum single.

Unfortunately, there is no sign of any material from the Mynah Byrds, the band he had in the mid 60's with one of the guys from Steppenwolf and Superfreak Rick James. "Neil would stop playing lead, do a harp solo, throw the harmonica way up in the air and Ricky would catch it and continue the solo."

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