Monday, June 8, 2009

social networking through loner rock

Amen Dunes - Dia (listen) In Louisiana we don't have basements because of a low water table. In fact, in the part I'm from, it's rare to find a house that has a second story either for the same reason. It makes us a simple people that stay close to our linear axis. When people tell me their houses have a third story and a basement I think there must be a lot of stair climbing in your life and don't be crazy, no houses have three stories or basements. Anyway, we don't have basements, so I only have a concept of what music cranked out in a basement (as opposed to say, a bedroom or a garage) would sound like: dark, a little musty, too echoed to have real finesse. The song would have to hunch over for the low ceiling. No jumping around like Pete Townsend or anything. It might be a touch mournful being down there in the ground and all. I think it would sound an awful lot like this, or as I said elsewhere

Quest for Fire - s/t (listen) See the above, after the pizza arrives and people are a little fortified.

Vanilla Fudge - The Beat Goes On (listen) This album is a beautifully terrible idea, applying Vanilla Fudge's tried and true method - slowing/sludging down a pop hit until it becomes a growling dinosaur struggling to free itself from the tar pits of pop culture - to classical music and old time rock ' n' roll, ending up with something more akin to the Residents' Third Reich 'n' Roll or Firesign Theatre than Stars on 45 in reverse.

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