Tuesday, June 16, 2009

rockin' geetar wake for Bob Bogle

Bob Bogle's obit at RollingStone.com

The Ventures - (the) Ventures in Space
(listen) Once upon a time I had upwards of twenty Ventures albums, but this is the one I really listened to. Space travel evidently left our intrepid guitar heroes a little gamy.

Bill Justis - String of Pearls (Hot Cha Cha) (listen) The cover above is for Alley Cat/Green Onions, the wild 'n' woolly Bill Justis album I used to play the hell out of, but it's not available and String of Pearls (Hot Cha Cha) will do in a pinch.

Davie Allan & the Arrows - The Arrow-Dynamic Sounds of...
(listen) This is pretty much what the sum total of male inner dialogue sounds like most of the time.

The Seamonkees - They're Alive

Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk (listen) This was another big favorite of mine. Don't you want to be hovering over Santo & Johnny to see how they do it all?

I've always rather dug their take on "Taste of Honey"

and "Jingle Bells" too, for that matter. I think I categorically like their take.

B. Bumble & the Stingers
- "Nut Rocker"/"Bumble Boogie" (listen) I had a whole album by B. Bumble & the Stingers but I'm pretty sure I all I played back then was "Nut Rocker." Literally and figuratively.

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