Monday, November 9, 2009

skitter-scatter school

Various Artists - In C Remixed (more info)
Mark Tucker - In the Sack (via OngakuBaka)
Blevin Blectrum - Gular Flutter (listen)

These three record have the following in common:
  • They are all built of pieces fractured and then put back together in different ways. In C remixed is remixed of Terry Riley's already fluctuating In C, Mark Tucker is of fractured mind, or at least comes off that way; and Blevin Blectrum if of that skitter-scatter school of electronica where seemingly the simplest music is torn into tiny pieces and cast into a fan, only to be re-trapped on tape.
  • They all came on unexpectedly - on my Phone, across the internet, on iTunes, respectively.
  • The bees-nest quality of each served to quell my racing thoughts in each occasion: walking across campus, emerging from Wal-Mart, sitting here right now, also respectively.

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