Wednesday, November 18, 2009

possibly jacked-up enough

Alex Chilton - A Man Called Destruction (listen) He's a guy like Paul Westerberg, you aren't supposed to like anything he did outside the mother band, even when calling it a band might be a contentious claim as Alex Rawls muses in this post, and OK maybe it's not up to the mettle of the earlier material but dude, neither are any of us, and at least ol' Alex keeps pluggin away.

Jivin' Gene - It's Never Too Late (his MySpace) That pluggin' brings me back to swamp pop, a music I am never too far from lately. Jivin' Gene is one of the living relics of Louisiana music (despite hailing from Port Arthur, TX - a city possibly jacked-up enough to qualify as Louisiana) having his first hit in 1958 with "Goin' Out With the Tide" and still plugging away in swamp bars across the soggy planes of our fair state and the parts of Texas that qualify.

Tyla Gang - Yachtless (listen) Tyla Gang is the best little thing I've come across in some time. Fatter than Thin Lizzy, reedier than Lou Reed, bigger and starrier than Big Star, fuzzier than the cat on the dumpster in the back-alley-of-the-pub rock. Maybe it was Sean Tyla who invented heavy metal in 1974 and no one noticed.

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