Tuesday, November 10, 2009

late night software music

The Microphones - The Glow Part 2 (listen)
Califone - Roots and Crowns
Steffen Basho-Junghans - Last Days of the Dragons
Sandy Bull - E Pluribus Unum

Late night software music might just be my favorite kind of music, flickering instruments from tiny speakers bouncing off me onto the white void of software development suites in an office darkened if only to make it somehow not the place that I already spent the day. It might be the prefect environment for becoming one with sound, words, logic, ideas, when all the numbers swim together/And all the shadows settle/When doors forced open shut again a flytrap/and a petal , the words of Psychic TV's greatest song sung by Califone in the stillness of half-nowhere. It's good stuff; I just wish these motherfucking grid controls would bind to the data sources like we both want them to so I could enjoy it more.

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