Monday, November 9, 2009

I would draw devil pictures

Tommy McLain - The Essential Collection - I picked up this and the Little Bob collection at Floyd's Record Shop in Ville Platte. Tommy McLain is grizzed as Waylon Jennings yet sounding eerily ever-teen like Alex Chilton. "Find Another Man" is the real gem in the collection.

Little Bob & The Lollipops - I Got Loaded - My friend Clarke and I considered trying to count how many versions of the Louisiana classic "I Got Loaded" are sitting in the stacks of Floyd's, but then my interview subject arrived. Here is Lil' Bob's rendition.

Gérard Dôle and his Backdoor Cajuns - Hey Madeline! (listen) We also stopped at the Coffee Break in Breaux Bridge for the Cajun Jam and I noticed two CD's by Gérard Dôle with covers by R. Crumb, and then later, a poster in the back also bearing an R. Crumb image. Dôle is a Parisian Cajun music enthusiast, so I suspect the connection between the two was made in France where has Crumb long resided - Crumb has done a number of album covers for him over the years. Nonetheless, I like the mental image of R. Crumb wincing through the congenial Saturday morning jam sessions in a cheery Breaux Bridge coffee shop, drawing devil pictures for the heretofore unknown guy grinding away on accordion.

His biographie tells the tale of his 70's French hippie Cajun band Krazy Kajun. I dialed up some Dôle while washing the windows on Sunday, and he rocks it. I would draw devil pictures for him too on the merits of his mad Jew's harp skills alone.

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