Friday, November 6, 2009

the more recent Beatles records

The Beatles - Everyday Chemistry (via this website) I'm surprised with all the reissue Beatlemania, nobody whatsoever is talking about the more recent Beatles records like Everyday Chemsitry. Granted, it not only came out long after their popular period, which ended with Let It Be/Abbey Road, and after John and George both died in this world. This album, from a parallel Earth, is more recent - release dates get a little sketchy when you are dealing with pan-continuum bodies of work. It does speak to inevitability of their songcraft, closely the resembling solo work John and Paul eventually did in this sphere. In this one of the multitude Otherworlds, the Beatles are a dinosaur still prowling football stadiums, or possibly the casino circuit; I don't have a feel for how well their popularity sustained itself over there (or is it "then?") without their ever going away.

They've adopted a Portishead trip-hop thing on some Everyday Chemistry, so maybe it's best they let go the tethers in this world, though the New Orleans bump funk of John's "Sick to Death" is pretty catchy and the Lee Hazlewood treatments on his "I'm Just Sitting Here" are pretty sweet. Anyway, this bootleg surfaced, and it saves you the pretty penny the Japanese import undoubtedly costs. My question is: did the Rolling Stones call it quits after Some Girls or Tattoo You in this other dimension? If so, there might be some cosmic overseer keeping things in check after all.

Do check out the website, it has some good background on how this other-dimensional release made it here. It's nice, because nobody ever really goes into the minutia of their records anymore (whatever "anymore" means in a post-time travel world.)

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