Thursday, April 2, 2009

Society Too

Neil Young - Fork in the Road (album streaming free at his MySpace page) On first impression, it sounds ragged like I like Neil to sound, but the "cough up the bucks, cough up the bucks" chant seems a little uninspired. I am torn between voting "Booyah!" and "No Way!" which are the options MySpace is offering on it.
Neil Young - Cough Up The Bucks

The Drones - Havilah (their web site) The Drones are so, so very good. Gala Mill was one of if not my top record of 2006. Reviewing this as well. I have been off my game with the reviews lately, and there is a veritable mountain of genius rawk business pulsating before me. Detailed opinions forthcoming, but suffice to say The Drones get a "booyah."
Luc Ferrari - "Société II (And if the piano were a female body)" - What a name, Luc Ferrari! It's the kind of name someone makes up for an impromptu cover in a bad action movie. I like this calamitous mash of sound and racket, cat-on-the-keys piano and jazz combo drums run amok so much I listened to it three times in a row. Linked from the excellent ANABlog, to which I subscribed this morning, as should you if you like having your ears stretched. I walked to the library and back listening to this, wanting to write a sprawling massive essay called "Society Too" where I mapped the incidental goings on of my trip to this tightly wound piece of music and through that, exposed the secret mechanism of the world. A chapbook perhaps. I like feeling that way.
Luc Ferrari - Cellule 75 (listen) I know shockingly little about Luc Ferrari, but this stuff is right up my alley - like dead-center on the lane, hitting the first pin at its very tip. Somewhere between high minded New Music classical and cocktail party exotica, or at least it is on this Tzadik release.

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