Monday, April 27, 2009

makes you feel like a big shot

I'm working on an article about the Harlem Underground Band, a 1976 psychedelic soul record George Benson played on in that gap between bop and "Give me the Night", and two of the songs were dovetailed in with some bluesy funk excursions this Benson album (listen) from around the same time.

Man, I love Los Lobos. I forget all about them, and then I start clicking around for something to listen to and there they are, hanging out on that same corner of inventive production and bar-band comfort. This Time sounds just as good today as it did a decade ago when I bought it. (listen) This song in particular:

I guess you really mean it when you release your album on tape. Makes the neo-vinyl fetishists seem a little precious, don't it? Tapes are the medium of the People, yo. Your vinyl copy of Pyromania or Hallowed Ground didn't stay in your car stereo for months on end, documenting the highs and lows of your golden years; your tape copy did. You didn't drag a turntable out behind the shed the time you made out with your cousin, it was that shitty jambox with that one tape your cousin had. You wore out a tape, literally listening it to death. The delightful Explode into Colors are leading this retro-volution with their tape-quality jamz (MySpace via MBV)

Just to tie up this loose post, I think I bought This Time on tape, possibly the last tape purchase I ever made.

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