Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coming Attractions

It Hugs Back - Inside Your Guitar (coming out 4/7; MySpace) Listening for review but liking it very much. which is not always the case. Q2 '09 is sizing up quite nicely on the great-new-music-that-sounds-like-great-old-music front.
The Horse's Ha - Of the Cathmawr Yards (coming out in June; MySpace) The guy from The Zincs, the gal from Freakwater, the hush of Jobim, the overcast of Belle & Sebastian
The Milk & Honey Band - Dog Eared Moonlight (maybe out now, but I can't find it; Myspace) This was a a sleeper. I informed their earnest publicist that I wasn't interested, and now, how pleased will she be that I am! It pleases me to please.

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